Converting Clothing to Other Body Shapes

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My version of "how to convert clothing to other body shapes." 

  1. Open BodyShop.
  2. Make two projects, one based on the outfit you like (put "Donor" in the name, so you know you can get rid of it later), and one based on the custom sized mesh with the most similar silhouette. Give that one a more generic name so you can use it over and over, like Garment-Size.  "Garment" should describe the mesh, such as "TShirt" or "Swimsuit." "Size" should describe the custom size of your mesh.  Examples:
    • "PinUp" or "CPU" for Warlokk's Classic Pin Up
    • "34Cenh36" for one of Warlokk's numbered BodyShapes.
    • "MiAna" for Gothplague's anorexic meshes
    • "Bear" for Montoto's Bear Body Builder
    • "SBB" for Marvine and BeosBoxBoy's Slim Body Builder.
  3. Using Windows Explorer, drag the bitmap files from the Donor project to the CustomSize project. There will be two or three. I usually copy, rather than move.  To do this, use the right mouse button to drag.  When you let up, you'll get a context menu with the choices of "Move" or "Copy."
  4. Test fit (but don't click the Import button to bring the resized outfit into the game yet).
  5. Check the seams, especially under the arms and inside the thighs.  Use a paint program to smudge areas with gaps.  If you don't have one, there's an open source free proggie named Gimp from  Use the circular arrow button in BodyShop to reload your changes.  Warning: sometimes you just pick the wrong mesh to convert.  In that case, you just need to pick a different mesh in your desired size, make a new project if necessary, and drag the donor textures in.
  6. When you're happy with it, fill in the Tooltip text with something descriptive like "NickName-Creator-Garment-Size." You want to put your name as "NickName," so people know where it came from.  You want to put the original creator's nickname in place of "Creator."  It's just perlite!  "Garment" should provide enough info about the clothing that it's fairly easy to identify it.  Duplicating part of the original file name or description is recommended.  "Size" is as described in step 2.
  7. Choose your catagory or catagories.  BodyShop does misbehave when  you reload a project with multiple catagories, but you can most likely get used to it.
  8. Import it into your game! Admire your hard work.
  9. Delete the Donor project.
  10. Make more!
  11. Close BodyShop.
  12. Open your game.
  13. Dress your favorite custom-sized Sims in their new clothes.

If you just want to play the game with your new clothes, quit here and play!  However, almost everyone wants to share their creations/conversions.

Please, please, please, if you want to share your conversions on the Internet, get permission from the original artist!  Many artists state their policies in a readme file or on their site.  Please respect their policy.

  1. Take screen shots.
  2. Close your game.
  3. Optionally rename your files with SimText.  SimText will help you construct a new filename based on the tooltip text and the random hex produced by BodyShop.
    Note: TSR requires you to leave the random hex on submitted clothing files.
  4. Zip the clothes files, located in SavedSims, not Projects.
  5. Upload screen shots and zip files. 
  6. It's also a good idea to put a link to the mesh you're using, and maybe the skintone, hair, or make up if you think people will want to duplicate your Sim's appearance.