Would anyone have a problem if I automatically deleted or blocked users with more than 4 digits at the end of their user names?

Yes, my name on other Sims boards has several digits at the end.
9% (4 votes)
No, they're all SPAMMERS, blow them away!
43% (20 votes)
No, I can deal with a different user name.
48% (22 votes)
Total votes: 46

Awesome Idea! (and Brainstorming)

Since I use Cyjon's Townie tenants, I don't have any Social Groupies, and therefore none of their special greetings and such...

Community Greenhouses


Two greenhouses with perfect harvestables.
Temporarily disabled!

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Not really a tutorial, but

After seeing an object in a screen shot, I just had to ask the creator where it came from. The response was Sugizo's M Kitchen with a bad link. After a day looking, I found the Download link.

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Fixed Old Guy Pants

The wonderful Prikkie fixed the elder men's mesh so old guys can wear white shoes without looking like their toes are sticking out of the shoe!

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Mike Del


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A really nice $136k 3Bed


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MikeD has added yet another version of his 8x2 Bedroom Multiplex!  This one is a fully functioning Apartment Lot requiring AL.

New Pages!

The Motley Coolness page was getting too big, so it now contains links to secondary pages with single categories of downloads.  This new arrangement should lead to more frequent updates and more stuff!

Women's Heads

Paula Abdul and Kendra from Buffy the Vampire Slayer can live in your Neighborhood!

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