Cherie is my attempt to make a face suitable for Warlokk's RenGal, Frannie's Momma Lisa, and Netra's Thick Madame.  I think I've produced a plump face without severe distortions.

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I wrote this handy little utility program because I was tired of Windows 98 taking several minutes to repaint the folder windows when I dragged multiple package files into Downloads.  In addition, I had to make folders for each site to place the package files in, leading to more time spent and introducing potential misspellings.  My answer: SimText!

An artist I really liked tended to name her wallpaper files oh so creatively "white1," "blue3," etc.  I got very tired of opening the files with SimPE so I could look at the descriptions, so SimText acquired the ability to read the TXT/STR/CTSS# descriptions and allow you to change the filename to the description!

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Backlit She-Hulk Poster

Jen Walters struts her stuff in this promo poster for the upcoming Marvel vs. Capcom 3 video game.

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Chess Team Booster "Blush"

Kill-Frankie asked for this over at Garden of Shadows -- I hope it's what she had in mind!

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Daisy Duke Outfit

Daisy Duke is ready to break your Sim boys' hearts in this hot country outfit!
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Obsolete - Clothes for a Specific Skintone

For people who have only a couple Sims using one of Warlokk's BodyShapes or another custom mesh -- you can assign their clothes to their skintone!  No Sim with any other skintone can purchase or wear clothing that has been assigned this way.

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Dragon Tank Tops for Men

Three tanktops which originally appeared on SunSims....

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Men's Undies from the Wooden Simolean

Another early creation, updated with a new file name and "elderized" to fit Young Adults through Elders.

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Wonder Woman Hoodie V2.0

I found a different mesh which looks bulkier and has a teen version too, so I converted my Wonder Woman hoodie!

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Lost and Found -- A Fairy Motif Dress for Toddlers

Here's a dress I originally made while originally working on Assorted Dresses.  I'm not sure why I didn't post it then, but I forgot about it, then found it again while converting the toddler dresses to fit baby girls!

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