Cowl Neck Sweaters for Teen Girls

BlooM realized teens get cold too, and converted his adult cowl neck sweater mesh to fit!

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Unpopulated Downtown Lots

Original Maxis Downtown lots, in case one gets corrupted or deleted somehow...

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Unpopulated Strangetown Lots

Unpopulated original Strangetown lots. A friend of mine had 88 Road to Nowhere become corrupted, so I thought other people might be able to use these packaged lots to fix their games.

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Sundresses for Ladies of All Ages!

Twenty-six sundresses to satisfy every Sim's fashion sense!

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Dresses for Baby Girls!

Using Chris Hatch's wonderful modification of BlooM's mesh, baby girls can now wear dresses -- and their brothers can wear something else!

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Recolors of Erica's Dress

During the original posting of Suburb City 2 – Survivors and Ghosts at The Pearl's Chateau, Greg and I did recolors of Erica's dress.  Here's my versions!

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Unisex Kids' Clothes

Why have two copies of an outfit to fit toddler boys and girls or children?  Just open the file in SimPE and follow the steps!

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Snakeskin Bomber Jackets

Originally made as a Treasure Hunt alternate gift, these jackets have never been offered for download before!

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Patterned Jacket and Slacks

Women's tapestry patterned jacket and slacks.

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Staff of the Hot Pepper -- Part II

The Hot Pepper has some new employees!  Teens can now wear chef's uniforms and younger siblings can pretend to work at the family business.

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