I assume this list will grow out of control quickly, but here goes!

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Maxis Sims 3 Conversions for Sims 2

Conversions of Maxis Sims 3 objects, both extracted from the game and from the TS3 Store

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Vista/Win 7/Win 8 Help

First, you've got my sympathy!  I love my XP box!
Second, some actual advice.

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TS3 Utilities

Utility programs to help you maintain your game and create custom content!

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Yet Another Introduction...

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TS3 Tutorials Recommended by Other People

I don't play TS3, but I thought people might blunder in here for help.

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Preventing Bathroom Bottlenecks

We've all had the Sim-party from hell, where all the Sims try to congregate in the bathroom... Here's some ideas to get things moving!

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End the Tyranny of the 33!

In the course of creating Nightlife,  the Maxis employees created 33 fairly nice Sims  to be the first Downtownies.  These 33 were then triplicated to make 99 Downtownie templates.  When the game needed a new Downtownie,  it randomly selected one of these 99.  Naturally, you ended up with yet another of the same old Downtownies...

No more!  Downtownies can now be completely randomly generated in a manner similar to Townies!  Get Aaroneous' Down Townie Templates Begone hack!


BSOK Update!

Thetigerking83 has updated the BSOK to include the Buxom Wench and Quarian bodyshapes!

Google Warning!

Some of you may have noticed a warning from Google as you came to my site.  Apparently, sites hosted by DreamHost are being targeted by certain hackers.  We're in the process of cleaning up the mess and will contact Google to have that warning removed when we're finished.

Frequent visitors can configure their browsers to "not redirect" for this site.  Since I have the browser set this way by default, I actually had to be told my site had been hacked!

Other DreamHost users can use this tutorial to clean up their own sites if they've been hacked.

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