Two Terrains from Sita!

Sita, who runs SimEchoes now, made me these two terrains a long time ago and gave me permission to share them!

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MikeD's TS3 Hack List

These are the TS3 hacks that MikeD recommends:

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Just for fun

What Sims 2 Aspiration Are You?

You've probably been called 'weird' at least once in your life. Okay, probably much more often than that. But you can't help it. You want to know anything about everything, and everything about anything. You crave new experience and wisdom more than anything else. You're likely very imaginative, if a bit... eccentric. Many of the things other people fear are things you want to experience first-hand, just for the novelty of it, and to glean what wisdom you can. Much of your life revolves around your experience and your knowledge, and there's no doubt you spend a great deal of time simply learning what you can about life (and death.)

In the game, Knowledge sims typically want to gain skillpoints, visit aliens, become werewolves -- most of the things other sims fear! Many knowledge sims even want to be saved from death. Knowledge sims are easily the handiest sims to have around the house, given their wide range of skills.

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Faces From the Face Collector

I've been playing with Amalia's idea for random faces and came up with these. 

For the last 2, I added my own "rule": Adding a random fraction for how much of each feature to blend into the base face. 

Features that I really didn't like after blending were further adjusted by going into the Modification tool for that feature, generating a random number between -4 and 5 and using that number to click up or down. 

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One More Slot Position (OMSP)

One More Slot Position objects (OMSPs) allow placement of objects in locations not normally permitted by the game.  Uses include creating the appearance of clutter on top of other objects and positioning Sims for photography.

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I don't pretend that this is an exhaustive list, but it's stuff that I thought other people would find handy.

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Recommended Hacks

These are hacks that I consider essential -- they fix known bugs and stupid things in the game!

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Taste Tested Custom Food

Custom food that animates correctly and doesn't make a mess of your prep menus.  My Sims have cooked most of these things!

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Motley Coolness

Stuff you just have to have because it's cool, at least in one woman's opinion!

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Maxis Clothing Fixes

The Maxoids assumed that no one would ever want to wear "special purpose" clothing for casual wear...  Natually, players conceive stories and theme 'hoods and want just that!  They need an unhider (or two).

On the other hand, hiders and default replacements make theme 'hoods far easier.  No more micro-management to make sure the Townies wear the correct underwear!

The Maxoids also put a few things in the wrong catagory or left out fat/preg morphs or did or failed to do various things.  Here are your fixes!

Feel free to add a comment with your favorites. Depending on site settings and your account permissions, your comments may appear immediately or require approval.

Thanks to Almighty Hat for her list of hiders with her Hat's 'Whoops where is GoS?' Great Hider Repost!

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