Essential Utilities

Recommended utilities for modifying and repairing The Sims 2. 

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Getting Started with Warlokk's Meshes, the Miros Version

I found this tutorial on PearlSims while looking for something else!

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BodyShape Organization Kit

Thetigerking83 suggested I host his BodyShape Organization Kit, and here it is!


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Bit Flag Summary

Chris Hatch kindly posted these bit flag lists, and I swiped them!  I'll be adding other lists as I find them, with attribution.

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Slipped Nipples and How to Fix them

Someone on Back Alley Sims asked how to make the nipples on a skintone line up with the meshed ones.  Here's the paint program version!

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Lot Building Tutorials

There are a million building tutorials; these are ones I think were helpful or that I want to try out.

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Jumbled BodyShapes Resolved!

Comments and Spam

Due to the friendly spammers,  I've had to require registration before you can post comments and comments are moderated,  meaning I have to read them  and approve them.  Once I know who you are (hint: put I'm So-and-so from Such-and-such Forums in your comment), I'll allow you to post comments without moderation.

Making Face Templates

Links to tutorials and resources for making your own facial templates.

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Homecrafter Making Tips and Tricks

Information I collected here so I don't have to go digging through ancient fora!

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