BodyShape Organization Kit

Thetigerking83 suggested I host his BodyShape Organization Kit, and here it is!


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Bit Flag Summary

Chris Hatch kindly posted these bit flag lists, and I swiped them!  I'll be adding other lists as I find them, with attribution.

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Slipped Nipples and How to Fix them

Someone on Back Alley Sims asked how to make the nipples on a skintone line up with the meshed ones.  Here's the paint program version!

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Lot Building Tutorials

There are a million building tutorials; these are ones I think were helpful or that I want to try out.

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Jumbled BodyShapes Resolved!

Comments and Spam

Due to the friendly spammers,  I've had to require registration before you can post comments and comments are moderated,  meaning I have to read them  and approve them.  Once I know who you are (hint: put I'm So-and-so from Such-and-such Forums in your comment), I'll allow you to post comments without moderation.

Making Face Templates

Links to tutorials and resources for making your own facial templates.

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Homecrafter Making Tips and Tricks

Information I collected here so I don't have to go digging through ancient fora!

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Winterized 58 Focaccia Place (Sharpe Residence)

Zephyrzodiac asked to have the Sharpe house from Academie La Tour winterized.  It ain't pretty, but it shouldn't snow on the drums!

58 Focaccia Place

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Winterized 225 Main St.

MikeD likes this house, so I winterized it  also!  I couldn't resist the urge to tweak it just a little, but you can easily reverse that if you don't like it.

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