Winterizing Existing Lots

Does your favorite house have "Seasons" in the attic?  You can fix it!

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Winterized Craftsman's Pride

I love the Maxis Craftsman's Pride lot -- but post-Seasons, it snows in the attic!  I've fixed it and offer it here for your enjoyment.

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Adding EP and Mod Functions to Custom Content

Some fixes and mods for Maxis items aren't carried over into CC cloned from them, or the CC predates the fix or mod.  Now you can bring them up to date!

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No More Opening Movie

Thanks to astopor at Back Alley Sims for this info:

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Copying a Sim without SimPE

Someone at Back Alley Sims asked if there was any way to get a Sim into the SimBin without SimPE.  Although you can't make a Sim into a template without SimPE, you can copy a Sim to another neighborhood with this method.

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Another plump face, with knowing eyes.

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The Wooden Simolean @ Cafe Press

I'd forgotten I set up a Cafe Press store many years ago.  Check it out!

Marry the Cow? Why?

Because she's cute without her cow head on!  Seriously, one of my Sims married the cow mascot.  She insisted on wearing her cow costume to visit the neighbors....

A friend of mine had one of his Sims marry the carpool driver.  Although autonomous interactions worked fine, he was not able to direct his CAS Sim to interact with his ex-driver wife except for a very limited menu.... I've also had similar weirdness when marrying my Sims to former Cashiers.

There have been unconfirmed reports of various other mischief performed by ex-NPCs, such as former maids unexpectedly wearing their uniforms.

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A great big flat neighborhood with streets in a grid pattern.

More details to follow.

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Miner 49er

A hood intended for hermits, loners and "Miner Forty-Niners."

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